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Top Notch Eyewear Co., LTD. (TNE) was established in 1986 and focused on the sport sunglasses, reading glasses, optical frames and safety glasses manufacturer for more than 30 years.
Base on suffieient supply chain in Taiwan, we provide prompt and high quality glasses/ sunglasses for customers on pending orders and development projects. We have cooperated with more than 1,000 consumers which including fishing, sporting, cycling, optical and medical fields. And this meet with our core value: high flexible and cooperate.
We provide flexible and good cooperate while in developing period to make the consumers' ideas came true and face the market.We belevie to have an idea is easy but to make it come true and even to make money  from it is not easy. Highly flexible and cooperate with customers will make the ideas come true easier.
On enviromental friendly ussue, we do great effort on our new factory which was founded on 2023. For example, we built a rain recycle system in the building, saving the rain to water the flowers and trees and wash cars. We also put solar panels to generate power and also reduce the temperature on the roof top at the same time in summer.
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